Tips for Supporters of People With Hypersomnias

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Patients and SupportersHaving idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) or a related sleep disorder can be incredibly stressful for both person(s) who have a hypersomnia (PWH) and their supporters. We’ve just launched a new web page providing Tips for Supporters, which were developed by both PWH and supporters. It includes tips on how to take care of oneself, how to partner and communicate well with one’s PWH, and how to manage expectations realistically.

Tips for Supporters can be found on our website via the alphabetical Resources dropdown menu. It’s also linked from our Patients & Supporters page and from our Healthcare Providers page.

  • Supporters, check it out!
  • PWH, share with your families and loved ones!
  • Healthcare Providers, please share with your patients with hypersomnias!
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