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Click the brochure image or the button below to download and print our brochure. You can also email  to request that we send your healthcare provider a sample brochure and introductory information about the HF. And if you would like copies of our Hypersomnia Foundation brochures for distribution in your medical practice, support group, or health fair, simply complete the form below.

Please consider making a donation to the Hypersomnia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, to help us increase awareness of hypersomnias. One of the ways we do this is by sending out these free informational brochures to doctors’ offices and other medical venues, so that more people learn about IH and related disorders. Just $30 helps us provide 25 free brochures. Thank you for supporting the Hypersomnia Foundation!

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An earlier version is available in the following languages: Deutsche; Español; Français; 日本語.

Updated September 2020

Brochure Insert

We have also developed a brochure insert, directed specifically toward healthcare providers. (This brochure insert discusses our international patient registry and our research award program.) Please click the image or button below to download. You can also order inserts for distribution by completing the form below.

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Updated March 2019

Medical Alert Card

Click on the image or button below to download and print our IH Medical Alert Card (a fillable PDF). You can also order these cards to distribute in your medical practice, support group, or health fair by completing the form below. We also have a larger medical alert card, which is available for download and printing at home. For further information about medical alert options, CLICK HERE.

When emergencies happen, people who have IH will need to inform emergency and healthcare providers about their sleep disorder and the special care needed if anesthesia or hospitalization is required. To create an emergency care plan, see our Anesthesia, Hospitalization and Emergency Planning page.

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Updated February 2021

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Brochures, Brochure Inserts, and Medical Alert Cards should be ordered only by the person or organization who will be distributing them. For example, rather than ordering them for your healthcare provider’s office, please encourage your healthcare provider to order them directly from us here. They are free of charge, but please help us continue to be good stewards of our funds by limiting your order to the number you expect to distribute within six months. You can also email to request that we send your healthcare provider a sample brochure and introductory information about the HF. Thank you for supporting the Hypersomnia Foundation.


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