Anesthesia, Hospitalization and Emergency Planning for People Who Have Hypersomnias

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Anesthesia, Hospitalization and Idiopathic Hypersomnia: A Guide

Because idiopathic hypersomnia (IH), and the related narcolepsy type 2 (NT2), are uncommon, healthcare providers may not be familiar with them. And this could create real problems for person(s) with hypersomnias (PWH) who need to be hospitalized or have anesthesia for a procedure. Therefore, the Hypersomnia Foundation, in consultation with anesthesia and sleep medicine experts, has prepared a guide, which outlines the most likely hospitalization and anesthesia issues.

Because emergencies may happen, it is strongly recommended that everyone with a hypersomnia review this Guide, share it (along with our FAQ Cards) with their healthcare team, and prepare in advance an emergency Anesthesia/Hospital Care Plan. As part of this process, it is a good idea to create or update a medical alert. Check out our Medical Alert Options, including two downloadable medical alert card versions, also conveniently located in our website’s Resources dropdown menu.

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Updated October 2021

An earlier version is available in the following languages: DeutscheEspañolFrançais.

Anesthesia/Hospital Care Plan

Managing hypersomnia symptoms before, during, and after a hospitalization or anesthesia

Download our Care Plan now and create a rough draft. Then, schedule with your IH healthcare provider to revise and finalize your plan so that you’ll be more prepared for any emergencies. (Here is an example Care Plan.)

If/when you have a planned hospitalization or procedure with anesthesia, you can update your Care Plan for that specific event. Your Care Plan and the associated Guide and FAQ Cards can then be discussed, and shared, with your medical and surgical teams, so that everyone, at every stage of your procedure, is aware of your IH and how your IH symptoms and medications may affect your medical care.

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Updated October 2021

An earlier version is available in the following languages: DeutscheEspañolFrançais.

Anesthesia/Hospitalization and IH FAQ Cards

Download and share these FAQ Cards along with the Guide and your personalized Care Plan. They will provide a very quick overview and can also be displayed on your chart, bed rail, hospital room door, etc.

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Updated July 2021


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