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Hypersomnia Foundation - The Way Forward - #BeyondSleepy

Monday, December 18, 2023

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#HFconf: About Hypersomnia Foundation Conferences and Events:

Our conferences and events follow our mission of education, awareness and research. Sleep physicians share updates on research and treatments, as well as important developments and news about our patient registry (CoRDS). We also bring together other professionals to help improve the lives of people with IH and related disorders, addressing topics such as coping with hypersomnias at school and at work. Perhaps most importantly, we bring the hypersomnia community together. People with IH and related disorders and their supporters are able to meet others with hypersomnias, often for the first time. What this means for people with these rare disorders is best explained by our 2017 conference attendees:

“It made me feel less alone. I got actual information that I can put to use in my life… I left feeling like I was being understood, people were doing things to help, and feeling more hopeful about my future.”

“There are very few times you can walk into a room and know that everyone there gets it, gets you, and is wholeheartedly accepting. That’s how I felt at the meet and greet [social event] and conference. I also like learning about things relevant to my condition.”

The HF has hosted the following conferences and events since its inception in 2014:

Who Attends HF Conferences and Events?

Hypersomnia Foundation conferences and events offer the latest information on research, treatments, challenges, and issues facing people with idiopathic hypersomnia and related disorders today. Our attendees include:

  • People with idiopathic hypersomnia
  • People with narcolepsy (with and without cataplexy)
  • People with hypersomnia associated with other disorders
  • Supporters and advocates of people with a hypersomnia—significant others, family and friends
  • Medical professionals
  • Scientists
  • Educators

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