Advice for Living With a Hypersomnia

From People Who Have Hypersomnias*

People who have hypersomnias face many challenges due to their illness. The Hypersomnia Foundation here presents advice for living with a hypersomnia, navigating challenges to daily life, such as:

Because people who have hypersomnias and their supporters often are at a loss to describe what it is actually like to live with these disorders, the Hypersomnia Foundation invited two people with the diagnosis of idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) to do just that—describe what they experience and how they manage to live with their symptoms. Check out their videos:

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*The advice in this section is provided by HF’s Patient Advisory and Advocacy Council (PAAC) and reflects the opinions of people who either have hypersomnias or are supporters. Do you have ideas about other topics for advice? If so, let us know at !