Healthcare Providers

The Hypersomnia Foundation provides numerous free and vetted resources for healthcare providers, including patient materials, listing in our provider directory, links to clinical trials and much more.

The Hypersomnia Foundation provides numerous free and vetted resources for healthcare providers, including patient materials, listing in our provider directory, links to clinical trials and much more.

Healthcare Provider Directory

Resources for Diagnosis

Resources for Treatment

  • Treatment. A detailed review of current and upcoming treatment options for idiopathic hypersomnia by our Medical Advisory Board Chair, Dr. Lynn Marie Trotti. For specific information about treating women (from birth control and pregnancy to menopause), click HERE.
  • Anesthesia Guide. Access and print our essential Guide for your patients who need to undergo anesthesia or who want to be prepared in case of emergency (or contact us to request free copies). We make preoperative consults easier with our Anesthesia Care Plan template—simply fill in the blanks online and print. These documents are available in Deutsche, English, Español, and Français.
  • Disability & Health Insurance. Help your patients learn more about finding insurance and filing claims successfully in order to access necessary medical care at an affordable price or set up a disability income stream if they can no longer work. (For workplace accommodations, refer them HERE.)
  • Support Groups. The Hypersomnia Alliance (HA) maintains a list of some available support groups to which you can refer your patients, or they can follow HA on Facebook HERE
  • Emotional Well-Being. Refer your patients to our articles on this important topic.
  • CBT for Hypersomnia. A journal article on CBT clinical trial results. A copy of the treatment manual is available on request from the primary author.
  • Clinical Trials/Research Studies. Ongoing research studies for your patients with IH and related disorders, including resources to help access medications that aren’t yet widely available. 
  • MAB & SAB. Meet the distinguished members of our Medical and Scientific Advisory Boards.

More Resources for Patients

  • HF Brochure & IH Medical Alert Card. Print or request for your patients, and/or simply direct them to our website. Our brochure is available in Deutsche, English, Español, and Français.
  • Sleeping/Napping in Cars Safely. Do your patients nap in their cars? Please refer them to our guide for how to do so more safely.
  • Self-Advocacy Tips. Print for your patients, or simply direct them to our webpage.
  • Tips for Supporters. Check out and share our helpful tips from people who have hypersomnias and their supporters.
  • Ask the Doctor Q&As. A collection of questions asked by our constituents, with answers written – or vetted by – experts.
  • Personal Journey Stories. Learn how IH and related disorders affect real people. Encourage your patients to explore these and to consider submitting their own stories. They can also apply to be matched with a medical student who wants to learn more about living with a rare disease.
  • Videos/Podcasts. Access HF conference videos, press videos, and more.
  • Journal Article Summaries. Read or share our summaries, which are designed to make research easier to understand.

Resources for Students and Families

Events & Speakers 

  • Learn more about our speakers, where we’ve been and where we’re going. Watch conference videos.
  • Attend and/or participate in a cutting-edge HF event. 
  • HF also attends a number of conferences each year to promote awareness and provide education. 
  • If you would like to speak at a future HF event, meet with an HF board member, OR are interested in finding a speaker (patient advocate or medical professional) OR are seeking a patient panel to discuss “living with IH”, please contact us.

HF’s International Patient Registry 

  • Please encourage patients with IH and related sleep disorders to join our registry at CoRDS (Coordination of Rare Diseases at Sanford). 
  • Contains data on over 2700 people with IH and the related hypersomnias. It’s free for qualified researchers to apply to access the data and/or to communicate with the respondents. (Contact CoRDS directly at or 1-877-658-9192).
  • Review the complete registry questionnaire HERE.
  • Check out some initial results from the registry: 2020 Trotti et al, IH Symptom and Treatment Insights From the HF Patient Registry.