Please Recruit Your Friends, Partners, and Supporters to Help with Ground-breaking IH Research!

Have IH? If so, have your friends, partners and other supporters wondered how they can help people like you? Now here’s their chance – we need people who are NOT your blood relatives to take part in ground-breaking IH research! And all it requires is completing a brief online survey. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR SUPPORTERS TO SIGN UP! You can send emails, post to Facebook, take to Twitter, etc., to get the word out.

Survey Closed as of Sept 2018. For results, CLICK HERE.

As announced in our March 2018 SomnusNooze, Dr. Lynn Marie Trotti of Emory University and Dr. Mitchell Miglis of Stanford University have begun a new research protocol to study autonomic dysfunction in people with IH. (Autonomic dysfunction occurs when the autonomic nervous system (ANS) does not work properly. The ANS controls several basic functions, including blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, breathing rate, digestion, skin sensation, bladder, and sweat function.)

Patients with IH often report symptoms consistent with impairment of autonomic functions, and this may be related to the underlying cause of IH. (The cell populations of the sleep/wake systems and the central autonomic network are in close neuroanatomical proximity, and the researchers postulate that IH may reflect a disease that affects both of these systems.) Drs. Trotti and Miglis believe that autonomic impairment is actually quite common in IH patients, and so the aim of their study is to evaluate the connection between IH and the ANS.

The first step of this research study will be conducted by electronic survey, and needs both people with IH and people without IH to participate. While a number of people with IH have already signed up to participate in this survey study, Drs. Trotti and Miglis still need people who do not have IH to sign up. (These people must be 18 years old, and cannot be blood relatives of people with IH.)

This study will help increase understanding of the neurological aspects of IH, and the researchers hope to present their results next year at the sleep research meetings (World Sleep and APSS). SO PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR SUPPORTERS TO SIGN UP! You can send emails, post to Facebook, take to Twitter, etc., to get the word out!

Survey Closed as of Sept 2018. For results, CLICK HERE.

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