In Case You Missed It! – July 2018

This month, we begin a new SomnusNooze series entitled “In Case You Missed It!” This series will highlight topics relating to sleep disorders that have been in the news and/or in our recent social media posts. Check here each month to make sure that you are up-to-date on the news relating to idiopathic hypersomnia and other sleep disorders!

If you attended our HF conference in June, we sent you a survey via email on June 19 (and a reminder on July 6). We really need your feedback, so please check your inbox (and your spam/junk folder, if needed)! #Hypersomnia #HFconf #BeyondSleepy

On June 27, researchers at UT Southwestern (University of Texas Southwestern) “published the first atomic structure of a brain receptor bound to a drug used to reverse anesthesia and to treat sedative overdoses.” “We were able to define how GABA binds so selectively to the receptor and to explain why drugs like benzodiazepines and flumazenil—the agent that competes with those drugs at the same binding site to reverse their effects—act specifically on this receptor,” Dr. Ryan Hibbs said. “The implications are far-reaching for understanding mechanisms of drug binding and designing new drugs for diverse neurological conditions.” #BeyondSleepy #GABA #sleep #IH #hypersomnia
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Perhaps the MSLT – considered the “gold standard” for diagnosing sleep disorders – isn’t really so golden after all? On May 29, researchers in Taiwan and at Stanford University announced their findings from a 5-year study, which showed that while the MSLT was a reliable and consistent test for narcolepsy type 1, it was not consistent for diagnosing narcolepsy type 2. (And if the MSLT is not consistent for NT2, which shares much in common with IH, reliance on the MSLT could be problematic for IH patients, too.)

More magazines are taking note of sleep disorders and advising their readers how to spot them. Check out Bustle’s 6 Unexpected Signs You Might Have A Sleep Disorder & What To Do Next, especially #5. Big thanks to HF Board Member Amy Haraden for spotting this mention of #hypersomnia! #Awareness #BeyondSleepy

The KLS Foundation held their conference in San Francisco on June 23-24, and Diane Powell, HF’s CEO & Board Chair, was there. “It was a privilege to attend the KLS conference. The passion and professionalism of this patient advocacy group is an inspiration to us all!” – Diane Powell #KLS #rare #sleep #hypersomnia #narcolepsy #BeyondSleepy

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