Share Your Journey | What Was It I Needed? My Grocery Trip with Brain Fog

It’s the end of the day and the awake drugs I take so that I can function during the day have worn off. I’m super sleepy now, but my husband, who is cooking me dinner, asks me to go to Kroger to buy three items we need. I can handle three items and I know where they are in Kroger. The store is only three or four miles from the house. I can do this thing Chris asks of me.

I get to Kroger and find my three items; I pay and leave.

While I am in the parking lot walking to the car, I get a text from Chris. He is requesting that I also pick up some garlic powder. I put my three items in the car and go back in to Kroger for the garlic powder.

Seasonings…where does Kroger put the seasonings? I walk along the front of the store reading the boards near the ceiling. They don’t list “seasoning.” Hmmm…seasoning, where does Kroger put that? It’s garlic; maybe it’s near the produce section? I walk over to produce and it’s not there.

Seasonings…I walk up and down the aisles looking for seasonings.
I can’t find it.

How do people find seasoning when they’re in a grocery store? Where would Kroger put it?

I walk along the back of the store reading the boards. No “seasoning” listed at the back of the store either. I missed it in produce, let me go back there and recheck…Garlic…Maybe it’s with the salt? It’s a salt after all…Oh, look in produce first, that’s where I was headed. No, it’s definitely not in produce. Now, where was I going to try next? Oh, salt. Garlic salt. Yes, I’ll go look there.

Here is the salt, no garlic salt! Grrr! Why doesn’t Kroger just carry garlic salt next to the garlic or the salt? How difficult would that be? Hmm…That’s not right, I’m not looking for garlic salt. I’ll have to call Chris and ask him what I need to get. I pull out my phone and see the text from him. POWDER! Oh! And I’ve been looking for SALT! Geeze, concentrate! Now, seasonings…I can’t find it. Forget it.

I know where it is in the other grocery store, and that one is on my way home. I’ll just go there. It’ll be easier.
I go to the other store and walk right to garlic powder and make my purchase.

I get home and walk in and triumphantly hand Chris the garlic powder. Mission accomplished!

Oh, there were three other items. They’re still in the car. I’ll go get them.

I hand Chris the bag with the three items, and he notices something is very wrong with me. He asks me about it and I ask him, “Who can’t find the seasonings in Kroger?” He looks at me, surprised.


“You were looking for seasoning?”

“Yes, that’s what you requested that I couldn’t find.”

“Did you think about looking for ‘spice’?”

“Oh. No.”

“Did you ask someone at Kroger where they keep the garlic powder?”

“No. I didn’t think of that.”

“It’s o.k. honey, you can go to sleep now, and tomorrow it will be better.”

Or not.

Sara, 36
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