Sleep/Wake Cyclers Raise Over $16K for Research!

The 2021 Sleep/Wake Cyclers was the first grassroots fundraising campaign sponsored by the Hypersomnia Foundation designed specifically to raise money for research. Interest in conducting research into the causes of idiopathic hypersomnia and narcolepsy type 2 is growing, and the global research community continues to search for biomarkers. The Hypersomnia Foundation is doing its part by continuing to seek out opportunities to fund promising research through our Research Award Program. Thanks to the 2021 Sleep/Wake Cyclers efforts, we now have $16,465 more in our research fund!

To ensure that our bike ride would be accessible to people with a wide variety of abilities, there was no minimum distance. While some riders went 70 or even 100 miles, others made it across the neighborhood to the nearest ice cream truck. Some never went anywhere at all, choosing to do their ride on a stationary bike. This was a truly international event as well, with riders in Canada, England, Vietnam, and all across the United States.

We received several great photos of Sleep/Wake Cyclers, who clearly were having fun! Got a minute? Take a look at the photos in the video below, created by Charlotte Williams, daughter of Sleep/Wake Cycler Aisa Magsombol.

Following is a list of all registered Sleep/Wake Cycler team members:

  • Aisa Magsombol
  • Allison Smith
  • Amanda Solonika
  • Andrew Powell
  • Angela Botkins
  • Ashley Hetherington
  • Becky Reiter
  • Beth Boyce
  • Blake Reiter
  • Brett Gaspers
  • Christine Brundage
  • Diana Kimmel
  • Dr. David Raizen
  • Eugene Walper
  • Giovanni Ghanem
  • Jen Moen
  • Jessice Reiter
  • Jody King
  • Joe King
  • Lawrence Tu
  • Leigh Tanji
  • Leslie Owens
  • Letty Tallian
  • Mary King
  • Melissa Alexander
  • Peter Smallridge
  • Rebecca King
  • Shanan Powell
  • Tiffany Thompson

We know there were some additional riders out there who weren’t registered but were a great help to those who formally joined the team. Thank you, ghost riders, for your support!

The 2021 ride may be over, but the need for hypersomnia research continues. If you would like to donate to the Hypersomnia Foundation Research Award Fund, please email us at or call us at 404-301-1924.

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