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We’re pleased to announce that we have recently added the first of several Education Platforms, Online Education, to our Guide to Academic Resources for College Students with Idiopathic Hypersomnia. Our Higher Education series of Education Essentials for Students is designed to help college students with idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) navigate the complexities of higher education. (You can download free copies of these guides, along with our series for K-12 students.)

Like all of our Education Essentials guides, this Online Education guide has been drafted and and approved by various education experts and reviewed by an outside education law attorney. This Guide discusses the four areas to think about when screening for quality online courses and programs. Since “awake time” is limited for the student with IH, it is important to research which online courses and programs will be the “best fit” for a particular student before putting down any money.

The four areas for students (and their parents) to consider are:

  1. How to choose a quality online program at an accredited school;
  2. How to determine whether course credits are transferable (either from an online program or to an online program);
  3. How to assess particular online courses and academic programs; and
  4. How to evaluate the support services of an online program (these support services include disability, academic support, counseling, career guidance, health services and financial aid).

Our Online Education guide provides information, suggestions, and questions to ask concerning each of these four areas, and hopefully will be helpful to both students and their parents, whether the student is considering college, in college, or thinking about returning to college after a break.

For students who can’t attend on-campus classes because of their IH symptoms or prefer to attend a campus where they can also enroll in online learning courses,a quality online education program that is a “good fit” can be the key to ultimate success!

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