Let’s Kick Off Giving Tuesday Together!

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On this Giving Tuesday, as we reflect upon a year that has been challenging for all, we have much to be thankful for. We did not let the pandemic slow down or stop our progress. Instead, we continue to listen to the community on our journey to improve as an organization for today and into the future. Just to share a few of those accomplishments—we’ve provided programs to connect those with IH and related disorders to each other so they’ll know they are not alone; brought researchers to the community, highlighting progress on making diagnosis easier; and doubled-down on our commitment to ensure everyone with IH and related sleep disorders has equitable and fair access to the resources they need.

One common request we receive is how to access prescription medications. In the U.S., insurance companies frequently deny access to necessary treatments. We listened to our community and developed resources to help avoid and reverse denials. Now we are hearing stories from those who have used these resources and have been able to get treatment, reversing denials.

We are making progress on our vision to fulfill the dream of restorative nighttime sleep and wide-awake days.

Today, we kick off our annual fundraising campaign for 2022! Funds raised will help support the Hypersomnia Foundation’s efforts to enhance our programming and improve the lives of people in our community. We cannot do it alone and rely on your generous donations in support. Thank you for joining us as a champion for those with IH and related sleep disorders!

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