Announcing HF’s Guides for Professionals Working With People Who Have Hypersomnias

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Are you a healthcare provider who is involved in research studies or the operation of sleep study centers? Or are you a researcher or a manager/team member of a sleep or research study site? If so, check out our new series of Guides for Professionals Working With People With Hypersomnias (PWH). These guides were developed by the Hypersomnia Foundation in response to concerns voiced in the patient expert community over time; they are informed by focus groups and approved by HF’s Medical Advisory Board, Board of Directors, and Patient Advisory and Advocacy Council (PAAC).

These guides are intended for professionals and their team members who interact or collaborate with PWH, particularly in the following communities: research, pharmaceutical, industry, sleep study centers, etc. The series includes:

These guides provide suggestions to address the unique needs of PWH and thereby improve site safety, quality of data collection, etc. For example, PWH may need discharge planning after sleep studies or even after long appointments, similar to that for a procedure under anesthesia.

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