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Building on last year’s successful conference, the Hypersomnia Foundation will once again host a number of prominent clinicians and medical researchers to speak at our meeting in Denver on June 12th!

Beyond Sleepy in the Mile High City” will feature dynamic speakers on topics such as recent clinical trials, coping with hypersomnia, IH issues related to children and teens, and more.

Perhaps just as important, this gathering at the Embassy
Suites in Denver is an opportunity to connect. “It’s a relief,” said one conference attendee last summer, “just to be in a room with people who understand. I don’t need to explain or defend my hypersomnia symptoms. It’s wonderful!”

Who has supported you as you cope with hypersomnia? Is it someone you expected would be there for you, or was it someone else – someone who surprised you by reaching out to offer support?

Treat yourself to a day in Denver – surround yourself with compassionate peers, and hear renowned researchers discuss the latest developments in hypersomnia.

DID YOU KNOW — one day soon, you could play an important role in future hypersomnia research!  The Hypersomnia Foundation is developing a patient registry that will launch in the coming months. Once the registry is up and running, you can help researchers find clues to hypersomnia and determine new directions for research, just by answering questions about your symptoms. Find out more on June 12th at “Beyond Sleepy in the Mile High City” – at the Embassy Suites in Denver, Colorado.

Tickets are limited.  To purchase, visit

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