College-bound? Get Our Ed Essentials Guide, Full of Tips from Students with IH!

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Students across the country are preparing to head off to college soon. But regardless of whether you are a student preparing to go to college for the first time, a student returning to your campus (or transferring to a new school), a student taking online classes, or a student learning from a distance, if you have idiopathic hypersomnia (IH), you face additional challenges.

The Hypersomnia Foundation can help! We have prepared an Education Essentials Guide entitled “Tips for College Students with Idiopathic Hypersomnia.” This guide is full of tips from college students, who have experienced what it’s like to attend college while having IH. It covers a variety of topics, including living in a dorm when you need to sleep a lot, finding food when the dining halls are closed, making sure you can wake up for your morning classes (and then staying awake during those classes), and speaking to your professors and college advisors about your IH. The Guide addresses issues that you will face on a day-to-day basis at college, as well as issues that will affect your entire college experience. The Guide is FREE, and can be downloaded from our website, along with the rest of our Education Essentials series, HERE.

Whether you are a student with IH or a parent of a student with IH, this Guide will help you navigate college and avoid the roadblocks that other college students with IH have experienced. And coming soon – a new Education Essentials Guide, focused exclusively on the issues that Online Learning students face!

If you find our guides helpful, please consider donating to the Hypersomnia Foundation so that we can continue our mission of improving the lives of all people with IH and related sleep disorders.

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