BeyondSleepy in Boston 2017 a Success!

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Saturday’s social gatherings kicked off with the Old Town Trolley Ride and ended the day with a casual Meet and Greet. “This is the first time in my life I have ever met anyone else with hypersomnia let alone be able to sit and talk to them and share stories. This has truly been life changing for me,” said one attendee.


Sunday’s HF Conference (#HFconf) welcomed all attendees and livestream viewers, both national and international. The “Advocacy and Empowerment” theme presented through each speaker, addressed the various challenges for people with hypersomnia. One post-conference comment: “Thank you for your hard work. I spent (many years) hiding my condition from the world and friends. It was so difficult pretending. Now I don’t have to.”

Our June 4th “Advocacy and Empowerment” conference video (unedited) is now available for a limited time on our YouTube channel, in 2 parts. #beyondsleepy #HFconf


We are sincerely grateful to our 2017 Boston conference sponsors. Thanks to their support we were able, once again, to livestream as well as professionally record audio/video of this conference. On behalf of the entire hypersomnia community, we wish to thank Balance Therapeutics, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, Village Pharmacy of Lynnfield, and E. Matthew Steinberg, AIF – Oppenheimer.  


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