“Ask the Doctor” Discontinued

Dear Reader:

On behalf of the Hypersomnia Foundation, we would like to first thank you for your submissions to the “Ask the Doctor” column. It is with regret that we also extend an apology for not yet responding to all the submitted questions. Unfortunately, the high volume and the depth of the questions have put us in a position to recognize that we must stop accepting new submissions for now, re-group, and set more specific guidelines.

We plan to respond to all questions submitted to date; however, we are unable to specify a timeframe by which we will get a response to the queries on hand. If you have asked a time sensitive question, we strongly suggest you seek out the answer you may need from your medical professional. The “Ask the Doctor” column in no way serves as a substitute to medical care.

Know that we value those who are engaged with the Hypersomnia Foundation via our website, as a participant/attendee to our conferences, and otherwise. As a foundation, we will continue to fulfill our mission striving to improve the lives of people with idiopathic hypersomnia and related disorders by advocating on their behalf, providing support, educating the public and healthcare professionals, raising awareness, and funding research into effective treatments, better diagnostic tools, and, ultimately, a cure for these debilitating conditions.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patience.


Hypersomnia Foundation Board Members



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