April Update on 2018 HF Conference (June 2-3) in Baltimore – Our Early Bird Discount Ends on May 11th!

The 2018 Hypersomnia Foundation conference is almost here! The conference, which will be held on June 2-3 in Baltimore, promises to be our best ever, with an array of prominent sleep physicians and researchers, as well as other experts, taking the podium. By the time the conference ends, you will be up-to-date on the most current research into idiopathic hypersomnia (IH), the latest IH treatments, and how other people with IH are coping with daily life. You will also learn how to talk to your doctors about how anesthesia affects people with IH before you undergo any surgery.

Since our last update, Dr. Andrew Jenkins of Emory University has signed up to speak at our conference. Dr. Jenkins, who is an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pharmacology, is a recognized leader in ion channel pharmacology. His work focuses on the molecular mechanisms of anesthesia and sleepiness. Dr. Jenkins will discuss our current understanding of how GABAA receptors are activated and modulated, and how this is different in patients with IH. He will also discuss how these differences can be corrected by therapeutics.

In addition, we will have a presentation that focuses on how anesthesia affects people with IH, and what steps you need to take to educate your doctors before you have any surgery.

Other conference topics include:

  • What is the status of current research on IH, and what is the future outlook?
  • The Hypersomnia Foundation’s patient registry: how and when is it collected and stored?
  • What insights are coming from analyzing the registry data?
  • How does research translate into clinical trials and new treatments?
  • Brain scans of IH patients: what do they reveal and how are they different from brain scans of people without IH?
  • How can women best manage IH treatment through their reproductive years (and afterwards)?
  • Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration based on a parent’s work record; am I eligible?

Since we are not able to live-stream the conference, we encourage you to JOIN US IN BALTIMORE ON JUNE 2-3! But time is running out for our conference discounts. The deadline for registering for our conference at the Early-Bird Rate is MAY 11th. If you register before May 11th, the Early-Bird rate is only $75, whereas conference registration afterwards will cost $99. SO REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE NOW.

But unfortunately our block of discounted hotel rooms at the conference venue (Baltimore Marriott Waterfront) has now been fully booked by other HF conference attendees. We apologize for the inconvenience, but demand for these hotel rooms at our conference site has been very strong. There are many other hotels within walking (or driving) distance of our conference venue (although we do not have a discounted room rate at those other hotels). So please check Google Maps or an online hotel booking site (such as to find available hotel rooms nearby.

For further conference details, CLICK HERE.

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