Announcing Our New Webpage—Sleeping/Napping in Your Car Safely

Start talking to someone with a hypersomnia about how hard it can be to stay awake all day, and soon enough we’ll be telling stories about napping in our cars. Many of us have our favorite napping spots and strategies. We also have concerns—are we safe when we’re sleeping in our cars?

The Hypersomnia Foundation has just launched a new webpage describing the safety concerns of sleeping/napping in cars along with advice on how to minimize the risks. Topics covered include:

  • Legal and safety issues to consider when choosing where to park
  • Minimizing risk in an encounter with police or passersby
  • Avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning if sleeping with the HVAC system running

Visit our new webpage, which is located in the Resources dropdown menu and also linked from the Patients & Supporters page and the Healthcare Providers page. Find out how a bit of preparation can greatly increase the safety and comfort of your car naps!

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