Almost 26 or Older? Extended Health Insurance Coverage May Be Available

If you or your young adult is 25 years old, then decisions will need to be made before the age of 26 about securing health insurance. Some insurance plans allow the parent(s) of young adults with a disability (e.g., the diagnosis of IH) to request extended health coverage under the insurance plan(s) of the parent(s) – for up to five years each time a request is made. To determine whether your plan provides this option for your family, you need to discuss your plan with the human resource personnel at your place of employment, an associate at your insurance company, and/or a representative in the office of your state’s insurance commission.

Keep in mind that it is possible that a health plan may allow a disabled young adult to be reinstated on their parents’ health plan if their disability began before a certain age, such as 26 or 18. Therefore, this extended health insurance option may be worth looking into even for young adults already over the age of 26.

If you are an employee (or retiree) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, please contact Board Member Mary King () for information about this option under the UniCare State Indemnity Plan. Mary also would like to hear from you if you know (or learn) that your health insurance plan provides this option. The Hypersomnia Foundation will then post that information for the benefit of others. Finally, if you work in the health insurance industry, please contact Mary King at the email address listed above, to share your knowledge of this extended insurance option.


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