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Welcome to the Hypersomnia Foundation’s library of videos and podcasts related to idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) and other rare sleep disorders. These materials feature presentations by sleep medicine experts and scientific researchers, interviews of people actually living with sleep disorders, and in-depth media reports about IH and other sleep disorders. They include presentations given by sleep medicine experts at awareness and educational conferences hosted by the Hypersomnia Foundation.

Simply choose a topic by clicking on the images below. For further details about each, just click “Details.” In some cases, transcripts, PowerPoint slides, or other related resources may also be available.

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The Hypersomnia Foundation's event videos

2022 June – Dr. Kelvin Tan, Chief Medical Officer for Jazz Pharmaceuticals – “An Interview With Jazz Pharmaceuticals”

June 2022 – Jennifer Gudeman, PharmD, Vice President of Medical and Clinical Affairs for Avadel Pharmaceuticals – “An Interview With Avadel Pharmaceuticals”

2018 June – “IH and Disability: What You Need to Know” – Anjel Burgess, a disability attorney, discusses her work advising clients, including idiopathic hypersomnia patients, on their rights and obligations with respect to long-term disability.

2018 June – Kiran Maski, MD, MPH, HF MAB Member – “Diagnostic Challenges of Pediatric Hypersomnia Disorders”

2018 June – Lynn Marie Trotti, MD, MSc, HF MAB Chair – “Conventional (and Not-So-Conventional) Treatments for Idiopathic Hypersomnia”

2018 June – David Rye, MD, PhD, HF SAB Chair – “A Bird’s Eye View: Progress & Challenges in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Idiopathic Hypersomnia”

Personal journey stories

2020 October – Christina Brundage, HF Volunteer and IH Patient Advocate – “Christina’s Story: Volunteering for IH Clinical Trials”

2020 October – Michelle Emrich, MD – “A Doctor’s Once Agile Brain Broken by IH” – Video courtesy of Michelle Emrich

2020 October – Meghan Mallare – “Sleeping My Life Away” – Video courtesy of Meghan Mallare

Non-HF event, research and education videos

2017 January – Global Genes RARE Webinar – “Make Sense of Your Dollars”

2016 April – Hiroki R. Ueda, MD, PhD – “Brain Calcium Controls How Long We Sleep”

2013 – David Rye, MD, PhD, HF SAB Chair, Presents at Narcolepsy Network Conference – “What’s in a Name? Understanding the Origins of the Terminologies for the Family of Hypersomnias”

Press videos

2015 April – CNN Features IH in Sleep Series – Part 1 of 3 “How Important Is a Good Night’s Sleep?”

2015 April – CNN Features IH in Sleep Series – Part 2 of 3 “Tired All the Time?”

2015 April – CNN Features IH in Sleep Series – Part 3 of 3 “Improving Your Health Could Help You Sleep Better”

2012 November – Today Show Features Teenager With KLS – “Real-Life ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Slept 64 Days in a Row”


2019 April – Wake Up Narcolepsy Features Betsy Ashcraft, HF Board Member – “Narcolepsy 360” – IH Series Part 2 of 2

2019 April – Wake Up Narcolepsy Features David Rye, MD, PhD, HF SAB Chair – “Narcolepsy 360” – IH Series Part 1 of 2

2018 December – Wake Up Narcolepsy Features Kiran Maski, MD, MPH (HF and WUN MAB Member) – “Narcolepsy 360”