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Because IH is a rare disease, healthcare providers may not be familiar with it. And this could create real problems if you need to have anesthesia for a procedure. Therefore, we’ve prepared a patient guide which addresses anesthesia issues that may arise when a person with IH is facing surgery. This Guide, which can be shared with your medical team, is focused on the anesthesia-related issues that must be considered before, during, and after a procedure (periprocedurally) when you have IH.

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Updated February 2019

We have also created an associated Periprocedural Care Plan, which you can download and then fill out with your own personal medical information. This Plan can then be discussed, and shared, with your medical and surgical teams, so that everyone, at every stage of your procedure, is aware of your IH and how your IH symptoms and medications may affect your medical care.

We recommend that you consider completing a periprocedural care plan to have on hand in case of need for an emergency procedure. In that case, you will want to provide a copy to your emergency contact and/or upload a copy of your document to a secure cloud service, such as Google Drive. Then, so that emergency personnel can access your care plan, you will want to update your medical alert card (and/or smartphone app) with your emergency contact’s phone number and/or the cloud service web address (which you may want to shorten with a free url shortener, like Bitly or TinyURL).

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Updated February 2019

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