Board of Directors

Diane Powell – CEO/Chair

Diane is a founding member of a women’s philanthropy group, formed by Population Services International, Inc. in partnership with the Gates Foundation, to improve the health outcomes of women and girls in developing countries. Diane is currently collaborating on a pilot project to provide mobile medical units in the marketplaces of rural villages of southern Senegal, to help reduce maternal and infant mortality. In addition, she is supporting a social franchise model of women’s clinics in Honduras, which offers treatment for gender-based violence in addition to medical services.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Diane has used her skills to provide psychotherapy for clients struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar illness and many other mental health diagnoses. Her previous community projects include leading a task force on alcohol abuse among expat teens in Singapore and founding a bereavement support group for young widows and widowers in Florida. Through a program of the Episcopal Church, Diane helped lead the launch of community projects in Guatemala among Mayan populations devastated by years of civil war.

Diane is president and co-founder of The Robertson Powell Foundation, which supports research and innovation in the field of health. In 2014, an alert physician diagnosed one of Diane’s family members with idiopathic hypersomnia. Since then, Diane and her husband, Andrew, have discovered the Hypersomnia Foundation and are proud to support its mission of promoting research and advocacy.

Catherine (Cat) Page-Rye – CFO

Cat graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago and in 1979 founded Clerks on the Run, a company servicing Chicago area attorneys. In 1984, she married David Rye, a medical student who was completing his MD and PhD degrees at the University of Chicago, and she is now a mother to their three adult children.

After selling her interest in Clerks on the Run, Cat and her brother started Page Builders, Inc, a Chicago North Shore custom residential construction company that, between the years 1984 and 2007, grew in size and success. In 1992, David accepted a faculty position at Emory University, and the family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with Cat commuting to her business in Chicago.

In 2005 she established Charles Page Builders, LLC, as a new entity focused upon high-end remodel work on Chicago’s North Shore. In her role as president of both companies, Cat was responsible for bidding all projects, preparing and communicating proposals and change orders to clients, interviewing subcontractors, negotiating and awarding contracts, negotiating insurance, applying for permits, and supervising office staff and job site superintendents.

After retiring from her companies, Cat embraced volunteerism as a new passion in her life. She was chairperson of the stewardship committee of Atlanta Unity Church from 2011-2014, was an executive board member, and currently sings in their choir. She has been an active volunteer and cofounder of the Hypersomnia Foundation and is committed to increasing awareness and advocating for proper diagnosis and successful treatment for every person living with idiopathic hypersomnia and related disorders.

Celia M. King – Secretary

Celia serves as the CEO for Leadership Newark, Inc., a nonprofit agency in New Jersey. Her responsibilities include the day-to-day management of a sizable budget, along with the oversight of several training programs offered by Leadership Newark in the areas of public policy enrichment, leadership development, and civic engagement for adults. As an advocate of civic participation, Celia takes her role seriously in engaging the public to be informed and involved in the community. She not only encourages involvement, but also maintains an active civic resume herself.

Celia is an elected official who served as Councilwoman in her hometown of Maplewood, New Jersey. During her tenure, she also served in the capacity of Deputy Mayor for 5 years. She actively serves on several nonprofit boards in New Jersey and is excited to be a part of the Hypersomnia Foundation Board.

Celia is also a former hospital administrator and feels that experience positions her to be an asset on the Hypersomnia Foundation Board. She has worked with Institutional Review Boards, worked closely with Principal Investigators overseeing experimental protocols, and had the responsibility of randomizing patients for various clinical regimens. This, coupled with her personal experience of having a family member with IH, enables her to be quite committed to the mission of the Foundation and one who enthusiastically supports research to perhaps lead to an eventual cure.

She holds a Master’s degree from Milano The New School University for Management and Urban Policy and completed her undergraduate studies at Syracuse University.

Mary A. King, EdD


Mary joined the Board of Directors in 2015, after volunteering her services the previous year. She is passionate about the mission of the Foundation and its on-going commitment to developing a resilient community for those affected by the diagnosis of idiopathic hypersomnia. Mary oversees the Foundation’s Education Essentials for Students with IH guides for the K-12 and higher education programs. She is the mother of a young adult diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia.

Professionally, Mary is Professor Emerita, Fitchburg State University, where she held graduate and undergraduate appointments in the Behavioral Sciences and administrative responsibilities. A psychologist and educator by training, she has experience as a K-12 classroom teacher with certification in special education and as a probation officer for juveniles (MA). She holds clinical licenses and is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Behavioral Sleep Medicine.

Mary has served on community boards and as an officer on regional and national boards in higher education, including the National Society for Experiential Education. She currently serves on the University Advisory Group of United Planet, consults to academic institutions for faculty development, and actively presents at national and international conferences and publishes in the field of experiential learning.

She and her husband, Peter, live in the Boston area and love northeast weather, especially the winters!

Michelle A. Emrich, MD

Michelle is a physician whose love of medicine began in a medical anthropology course at Rice University. With her career interests cemented during her undergraduate education, she headed to The Ohio State University to earn an MD. Discovering her enjoyment of longitudinal comprehensive patient care, Michelle quickly realized she was a born Internist. After completing her Internal Medicine residency at Emory University, she joined a small legacy private practice, managing care for a patient group that included families who had entrusted their healthcare to the practice for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, just 4 short years later, a diagnosis of severe idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) forced Michelle to sacrifice her cherished career. Having never heard of IH during her medical training, she was further disillusioned by the scarcity of relevant research and accessible information. Realizing that more needed to be done, Michelle became passionate about increasing awareness of primary hypersomnias not only among medical professionals, but also within the general public. She fervently hopes that increased awareness will lead to more research and eventually a treatment option that will allow her to return to her beloved career. Meanwhile, Michelle is honored to serve the Hypersomnia Foundation.

Amy Haraden

Amy Haraden is a long-time supporter of and volunteer for the Hypersomnia Foundation. Prior to being elected to the Board, she was one of the founders of the PAAC (a Board Advisory Council) and volunteered on the Council since its inception in late 2015. Amy is currently employed as an Accounting Analyst at TripAdvisor, and she is a graduate of Stonehill College (BSBA) and Northeastern University (MSA). Amy is passionate about raising awareness and advocating for people with hypersomnia.

Betsy Ashcraft

Elizabeth (Betsy) Ashcraft

Betsy is an attorney who practiced law for over 20 years in California, Washington, D.C, and Hong Kong, specializing in securities and corporate litigation, and capital markets. Following graduation from Harvard Law School, she worked for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, then later became a partner at the Washington, D.C. office of Kirkland & Ellis. After leaving K&E, she taught at the law school of George Mason University in Virginia, and then worked for Bank of America and Mees Pierson/Fortis in Hong Kong. She is licensed to practice law in California, Washington, D.C., Kentucky and Texas.

Since retiring from law practice, she has volunteered at a variety of non-profit organizations, including arts groups, educational organizations, religious bodies, and animal rescue groups. In 2014, one of her adult sons was diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia, thus triggering her interest in the mission of the Hypersomnia Foundation and the research being conducted in the hypersomnia field.

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