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Don’t miss the broadcast of our show, Snooze TV, a live Google Hangout on Air video broadcast hosted by the Hypersomnia Foundation on the second Friday of every month, at 8:00 pm, EST. Each month’s show features a guest panel of people discussing a specific sleep topic.  Simply sit back and watch, or participate in this lively discussion and ask questions of our guest panelists.

To watch Snooze TV, just scroll down on this page or go to the Hypersomnia Foundation Snooze TV archives page to watch previously recorded episodes.  If you want to take part in the discussion and pose questions to our guest panel, however, you must create a Google+ account ahead of time and view the show live on the Hypersomnia Foundation’s Google+ Event Page. Signing up for a Google+ account is free and easy–click here to see how. Once you’ve created a Google+ account, sign in on Friday evening and join us for Snooze TV.

If you miss a live episode, don’t worry, you can always catch it in the archives on our website or subscribe to us on our YouTube channel. We look forward to sharing some fun and informative episodes of Snooze TV with you this year! Join us live on the second Friday of every month throughout 2015 as we discuss many sleep-related topics.


Episode 5: Ask the Conference Committee

The Hypersomnia Foundation presents Snooze TV Episode 5 which features a guest panel of conference committee members.  This episode will air LIVE on Friday June 12, 2015 at 8:00 pm, EDT.  Pose questions to our guest panel live on YouTube and Google+. Then, join us the 2nd Friday of every month throughout 2015 as we discuss other sleep related topics live on air.


Snooze TV Ask the Conference Committee




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Watch our LIVE show Friday June 12, 2015 at 8:00 pm, EDT, below:

The video feed to view this event live will automagically appear below around 8:00 pm, EDT on Friday June 12, 2015.  Bookmark this page and check back with us!



Be an Active Snooze TV Participant!

Would you prefer to be an active participant in Snooze TV by being able to post questions to our guest panel, live during the show?  If so, you will need to create a Google+ account and follow the Hypersomnia Foundation on Google+.  If you watch this event on our Google+ Event page, you will be able to post questions!  It’s easy!  Follow these screenshot directions to learn how.  Be an active participant!


Be a Guest on SnoozeTV!

Are you interested in being a member of our guest panel on SnoozeTV?  Let us know!  Click on the button below and complete the form.

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Did you miss one of our live shows or would you like to see one all over again?  All episodes of Snooze TV will be archived here.  They will be posted here after they have been recorded.